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Here’s to one of my dearest and lifelong friends…

Tayler and I met almost ten years ago when we were both young girls who had just packed up our cars and moved to California.  I moved from Iowa, and she from New York.  Our friendship began one day through a random conversation after working together at a restaurant for awhile,  and within a month we were roommates.  Still to this day I sit and day dream about if we could only experience living together for another two weeks just to re-live all of the great times we had.  Our apartment was a collection of cool thrift store finds, a large world map that covered the wall where we would sit at home on a Friday night while drinking wine and talk about all the places we wanted to travel, talk photography, host Thanksgiving for our close group of friends, and on Saturday nights you’d usually find us coming home early from a party to finish putting a puzzle together. (Wild ones weren’t we?!)

A couple of years later, Tayler said her goodbyes to California to move on to the next chapter of her life to travel the world for a few years and we never skipped a beat when catching up no matter what country she was in.

After finally settling in Denver, I’ll never forget when Tayler told me about this guy Sean she had a huge crush on but was pretty sure he didn’t even know she existed.

Through all the years of knowing her, I never knew who I could picture her with but I knew the moment I met him I would know, because it wasn’t going to be just anyone for her.  Tayler is one of the most down to earth, humble, resourceful, creative, funny, intelligent, culturally aware, and beautiful from the inside out people that I know.  That moment of knowing happened as soon as I met Sean and over time of getting to know him it has only been more confirmed.

Sean and Tayler, I’m beyond stoked for you guys!

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